Take it from them

What’s it really like to work here?

You’re probably checking out several CPA firms, trying to decide which of them would be the best fit for you.

To give you a better idea of what it’s like to work at Lindquist, we asked a cross-section of our employees to describe their reasons for choosing us and their experience since joining our firm. So if you want to know what it’s really like to work here, you can take it from them.  

Jasmine Baker is known for her analytical mind and her technical accounting savvy. Image of Jasmine.

Due to the nature and size of our clients, new audit staff are exposed to all aspects of an audit faster than they would be at a Big Four firm. We do work hard and we have a busy season, just like other CPA firms, but our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Jasmine Baker

Culture Enthusiast and Paella

I chose Lindquist because I was looking for the opportunity to grow as a business professional in a collaborative rather than corporate environment. Also, my interview experience was very positive—rather than trying to stump you with tricky questions, it felt more like a conversation. I was given an explanation of who Lindquist's clients are and what my day-to-day responsibilities would look like. I immediately thought that this was the type of firm I wanted to be a part of.

Emily Cory

Marketing Coordinator
Adventure Seeker

Ted Bereket sitting in a wilderness area.

Work-life balance, overtime pay, and three weeks of vacation are just some of the great benefits of working at Lindquist. Because this is a smaller firm, you’re more valuable and you get to work on many different jobs and gain a lot of experience. Bigger firms will usually put you on one part of a job for long periods of time.

Ted Bereket

Certified Staff Auditor
Off-the-Grid Explorer

Lindquist is flexible with employees’ personal lives, making room for personal interests, yet also pushing you to excel professionally by encouraging your interests within the accounting field. While your career experience is your own, the firm makes available tools and resources to grow and expand your knowledge.

Charity Hall

Certified Staff Auditor
Priceless Moment Capturer

I joined Lindquist because it was a great opportunity to begin my professional career and learn from the managers here. I appreciate that they put faith in you and allow you to work on your own and grow without micromanaging your every step.

Dylan Ramseck

Compliance Staff Auditor
Sports Fanatic

I joined Lindquist because it’s a respected firm in the industry, and the people I interviewed with seemed down-to-earth and friendly, which they’ve turned out to be. In my time here, I've observed that they genuinely enjoy working with their clients and coworkers.

Jay Azar

Director of Not-for-Profit
Practice Services
Classic Car Aficionado

I like the culture here, which is comfortable but appropriate given our roles as auditors. Everyone is encouraged to communicate openly to reach a mutual understanding.

Adaramola “Neye” Redmond

Certified Staff Auditor
Undercover Ninja

Lindquist cares about career development and fosters this through programs such as mentoring and CPA license incentives. As a certified public accounting firm, Lindquist gives you the opportunity to work on many aspects of the engagement, which enables you to learn a great deal from many different experiences.

Jessica Roster

World Traveler