Financial Spreadsheet. Welcome to The General Ledger, Lindquist LLP's New Blog.

Welcome to the General Ledger!

Welcome to the General Ledger, Lindquist’s new blog! The addition of the General Ledger is among the many improvements we’ve made to our website.

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Author: Stephanie Kretschmer

Lindquist provides audit, accounting, payroll compliance and consulting services to employee benefit plans, not-for-profit organizations, labor organizations and for-profit companies.  The General Ledger will cover a variety of topics of interest to our clients and associates, including:

  • Forensic and valuation anecdotes
  • Not-for-profit news
  • Accounting and regulatory updates
  • Firm and people news

You can look forward to posts from the following cast of characters, among others:

Rich Gordon, a.k.a. The Investigator

Rich is Lindquist’s resident forensic expert.  You would never guess from his friendly and down-to-earth demeanor that Rich has 16 letters behind his name.  His professional adventures have included developing unconventional methods to gather intell and participating in the FBI Citizens Academy.  You can look forward to Rich’s insights on identifying and fighting fraud, identity theft and occupational crime on “Forensic Fridays.”

Jay Azar

Jay has worked in the not-for-profit sector for more than 25 years.  When he’s not making presentations, teaching undergrads at College of the Desert, or helping nonprofit clients pursue their organizational missions, Jay can be found tinkering with his vintage cars.  Jay will bring you news and views for the not-for-profit community.  And maybe he’ll find a way to work in photos of his Coupe Deville.

Barry Omahen

Barry is the head honcho responsible for managing the administration of our firm and our quality control practice.  He spends the first one to two hours of each day scanning the headlines of regulatory and accounting websites for news that affects our clients.  You can look to Barry to keep you on the regulatory up and up.

Emily Cory and Stephanie Kretschmer

Emily and I primarily help our firm’s professionals attract and retain clients, though we have been known to throw the occasional party and consult on office artwork.  You can expect us to pepper the blog with firm updates, events and people profiles.  Our main role in the General Ledger is to keep it light and to help you get to know the smart, humble, dedicated and even amusing people who work here.

This General Ledger is the firm’s first foray into the world of blogging and we welcome your feedback!  Drop me a line at

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